Ramses Frederickx

Design & Interior

Malvern Road E8, Hackney House 3

In Octorber 2018 we started the refurbishment of a house in Hackney. The property had been subdivided into 2 flats and the original staircase connecting all floors had been removed. Most original features had been lost.

Our brief involved re-instating some of the original layout but also to create an open-plan layout in the lower ground seamlessly connecting with the garden. We discovered the potential for an extra bedroom / office in a previously inaccessible attic.  A dormer window in the roof now offers great views and a roof light brings light into a previously dark stairwell.

The house dates back to 1860 and needed to brought into 21ste century. It was in desperate need of upgrading. To be able to restructure we only retained the front and rear facade. Both roof, all walls and floors where replaced in full. This allowed us to fully insulate the property as well as add the highest level of sound proofing to new floors and walls.

The work was completed on time and on budget.